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Here at MEG, we cater to any needs our clients desires.  We focus on creating high quality videos, designs and websites that are not only top of the line, but also affordable for small businesses.  And when we say we do it all... we actually do it all.


Mavericks Entertainment Group consists of several different departments that specilize in various fields of social media consulting and development and the entertainment world.


Mavericks began doing live events.  Over the past several years, it has hosted tens of thousands of patron networkers, fundraisers and party goers.




Since then, we've taken on all promotional aspects of business.  As the world of business continues to transform, an online presence for small businesses is a MUST.  Mavericks looks to create a clean, well polished product for what ever aspect our clients might be after.


Whether it's video prodcution for that prime ad on the home page of your website, creative logo and template design for your promotional material, or creative consulting for your social media database, Mavericks can help you small business achieve promotional success.

Jobob Taeleifi

Co-Founder, CEO

Will Roach


Matt Riggle

Theatre Company

Brian Harrington

Producer/Social Media

Anthony Dilio
Mika Nikel

Graphic Design

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