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Carter is a millennial who simply seems to look at the world from a different view point. He is in the midst of starting his own small business and in the process, questions things that he doesn’t understand; which tends to get him into hot water.


Carter is an obvious product of the millennial generation.  The show follows Carter, a millennial who’s instinctively type A mindset tends to get him into some tricky situations, especially with his friends who are fully immersed in millennial culture.  His dream is to start his own business though he’ll soon encounter all of the obstacles that come with such a dream; both externally and intrinsically.  Along the way, he and his friends unpack some of the bigger issues facing their generation as well as give insight to what the future might hold.  The show is as playful as it is deep and doesn’t miss an opportunity to point out the glaringly obvious differences between what is and would could be.  Through it all, Carter carves his own path, seeking to alter areas in which he finds fault as well as adapt where he see’s fit.

a Mavericks Media Original Series


Executive Producers

Jobob Taeleifi

Luis Avilez


Jobob Taeleifi

Natalie Sifferman

Glenn Radcliffe

Darius Jones

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