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Mavericks Media

Mavericks Media is currently seeking a college intern! 

Mavericks is a small production house and marketing firm that carters to small businesses, corporations, political candidates and entertainment media.  That being said, we're looking to find an intern who is eager to learn and gain experience in all of our areas of our operation.  Unlike lots of big firm college internship opportunities, we fully intend to involve you in all aspects of our business.  


Some current and former clients include:

  • California Sport Hall of Fame

  • Christian Okoye Foundation

  • Innovative Housing Opportunities

  • Los Angeles Clippers

  • Various Political Campaigns and PACs

  • Global Media Desk

  • Many more...

Our intern will be trained in and aid in all facets of our operation:
Contract procurement
Scheduling and logistics
Audience analysis
On set content creation (not required but great learning opportunity)


  • Hard working and not afraid to get on the phone with a client

  • Organized and punctual

  • Knowledge of Facebook Ads manager is not required but a plus

**As of now, this is a non paid internship however the hope is to develop our intern into an employee candidate and/or contractor. Potential stipend dependent on increased workload**

The majority of work can be done remotely, however we do ask that the intern schedules a once a week, 30 min briefing meeting as well as be available for phone calls.

If you're interested, please fill out the form below:

Thanks! Please send your resume to

In addition, please send your resume to:


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