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          Maverick's Theatre Company is an organization composed of professional performers with experience in Theatre, Film, Television, Stunts, Music, Animation and immersive events. Mavericks Theatre Company was created with the intent of bringing entertainment to patrons of the arts as well as give those who are unfamiliar with live theatre an experience that will leave them wanting more. Mavericks has worked in tandem with the city of Chino Hills in producing several successful productions. In 2014, Mavericks Theatre Company produced the first professional production in the city of Chino Hills's history. "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged" opened to an over sold out house with many turned away at the door.




          A reviewer in the Chino Champion claimed "The only bad thing about the show was that it was only one night". The show did receive an encore presentation a few months later, and Mavericks has been contracted to produce an entire season for the city of Chino Hills. With laughter as it's first priority Mavericks entertains audiences of all ages and backgrounds. As a theatre company, Mavericks takes a fond look back into the past with classic pieces as well as a giant leap into the future with original and innovative works performing all over the Southern California areas.

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